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For over 50 years now, Tahilan Residence and Study Center has been the cradle for many young women as a residence and study center. A ‘home away from home’, Tahilan supports the formation of university and high school girls to become the best they can be through its program of activities and its apt environment.


Tahilan is a home away from home where residents are led to appreciate the true value of university life and authentic character development.


Tahilan as a Study Center is a hub for academic and cultural interaction. It fosters the virtue of study and the desire to learn.


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Tahilan Residence and Study Center envisions the holistic development of future women leaders of society by providing a program of activities and a proper atmosphere that fosters in each one the true value of university life and the development of an authentic Christian character.

Student Testimonials

“When K-12 was implemented, we were informed that Senior High would give us a smooth transition from high school to college, and I think that this transition would not be any smoother without the help of Tahilan. I have learned a lot from Tahilan: discipline, diligence and sociability. Discipline: being a resident entails a lot of responsibilities from the small chores like fixing your bed and closing the windows after use, to bigger ones like organizing events and so on. I became more aware of my responsibilities. Diligence: at first I only fulfilled my duties because I had to but I realized that if I do not do my part, other people would be affected. For example, if I don’t tidy up my laundry bag, that would give extra work to Maligaya. I learned that we should not only think of ourselves but also of the others. Sociability: meeting the residents and staff for the first time felt very warm and welcoming. The hospitality and friendliness was infectious that I wanted to display the same characteristics to them and to my new classmates. I am grateful to be part of Tahilan family. I realized that being in Tahilan does not only prepare me for college as it makes me ready for the world.”

Julia Ocampo

“I may consider the university life, at first, as a bite off more than I can chew the fact that I am just a neophyte. But then, I realized that I don’t feel alone with all my problems queued because no matter how difficult and stressful they are, there are people in my surroundings who could help me, understand me, and guide me as I balance my academic, social, physical, and spiritual life.

Another thing why I fell in love with Tahilan is because we treat each other here like family unlike any other and I guarantee that as I grow here everyday, I learn a lot of things which help me explore and discover more, giving me reflection and careful realization about simply, life itself.

Tahilan brings me to another abode which I consider as my another circle of friends and family  . With this I become fully aware in appreciating the world itself and I can only find this in Tahilan Residence and Study Center.”

Marguerite Ferre

“My stay in Tahilan has been great so far. All the people are friendly. Ever since I arrived in Tahilan, I started to be prayerful once again. I used to consider myself as a lapsed-Catholic back then but through Tahilan, I am somehow learning new things and slowly regaining the faith that I once lost. I really enjoy the meals together at night and the get-togethers because I rarely experience this at home. I also enjoy talking to my mentor.”

Nica Pagbilao

“Tahilan is composed of the right amount of opportunities, companionship, learning, and experience. I learned to develop skills like time management, communication, and leadership, as well as how to have fun in the midst of excruciating academic demands. But most of all, with the teachings of the founder of Opus Dei and God’s continuous blessings, I learned how to find happiness and meaning in everything I do, may it be small or big. “

Mary Kaye Zita Alquiza

When I first came to Tahilan, I was attracted to the place itself. The residence is very homey and people are nice. Throughout my stay, I realized that there is more to Tahilan than what I first knew. With the different activities we had, with the help of the staff and other residents, and with the spiritual guidance Tahilan offers, I have learned things I consider essential in becoming a holistic college student. Tahilan is my second home and, just like any other home, Tahilan helped me grow more as a person.”

Danielle Leonardo

“Tahilan became the starting point for me to come out of my shell. Back then, I was very hesitant because I was afraid to make mistakes but they helped me realize that mistakes are part of life which could teach me to become better.”

Danica Pantaleon

“Choosing Tahilan as my home in the Philippines was the best decision I made in my exchange year. It gave me great opportunities to visit many places I would not have been able to do if I stayed in another place. I am so thankful for all the support the residents, staff, and Maligaya gave me and I hope many foreigners get to experience this great friendship in the future.”

Sayo Ohwaki

“Since Day 1, I noticed the interest of the staff and residents in making me feel comfortable. I may have been in a different country with new people but at the same time I got to sense that I am part of a family. I will always remember the funny times during meals and get togethers. These were times to learn from various cultures, professions and perspectives. After one month in the Philippines I can say that Tahilan is indeed a home away from home.”

Mariangel Perez-Bernal

“Tahilan was the place where I spent my first day in Asia. From the first moment, I felt very welcomed. Thanks to the openness and cheerfulness of the Tahilan girls. I right away noticed the warm atmosphere, where besides serious studying, it is also a place for fun and friendship  ! It was a great adventure for me to get to know them one by one and learn about the Filipino culture. It was never boring since I always learned something new. They were such talented girls and this made my stay unforgettable. I wish many other girls will experience awesome Tahilan.”

Diana Caluori

“Amidst all the chaos and corruption found in Manila, Tahilan is a safe and comforting haven. I was welcomed with open arms and gracious smiles, again and again. Every night we would chat and laugh together, as though we had been friends for years. My favorite memory was when I taught salsa classes to some of the girls, per their adamant requests. It was a night full of turns, twists and unexpected talents.”

Ziba Sidrys
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