Wazzup, USAP?

La Raine Salazar, (Grade 12 STEM, DLSU, KALFI LEAD 2016)

I accepted the invitation to join USAP 2018 in Bacolod without knowing what I would do there. Besides attending a research congress, what would I do in a week? Despite the unreadiness, I still continued to pack my bags and travelled south.


Bacolod, the City of Smiles, bombarded me with a thousand surprises. Just as I have stepped out of the plane, the city was bursting with a mix of urban and rural atmosphere. Everything seems to be just around the corner, yet you can still feel the fresh and clean air.

And it wasn’t just that. Bacolod also takes pride in its delicious food in large servings. Kasanag Study Center surprised me with a boodle fight on my first night in Bacolod that I had high expectations for my succeeding meals in the city, the Batchoy served in Bar 21 as a complementary soup was superb that I already felt full despite not having the main course yet, and Calea’s cakes are so well-made that its basic chocolate cake became a new standard for me. Restaurants and food hubs do not refrain from serving generously that it was the only week I got tired just by chewing and swallowing.


USAP’s main highlight, the research congress, was more than impressive. With the seven outstanding studies presented with utmost confidence and conviction, including the recently added social projects, it was evident that the youth really holds the future in their hands. And I must say, the future seems to be bright. Who would have thought that dystopian movies have an effect in making us think twice on our actions? Who knew we have been subconsciously crafting our image through social media? These studies and social projects are astounding that you would be left thinking how such young minds managed to come up with these.

But it wasn’t really the food that made me want to stay in Bacolod, nor was it the informative and thought-provoking research congress which, by the way, was an avenue of impressive and extensively innovative studies regarding our future. It wasn’t also the rich culture that screams amazing and marvelous through their numerous churches with various attractions, museums, and their moving street plays (e.g. Tal-Tal – the reenactment of the passion of Christ). Instead, it was the feeling of a family. Although I am away from home for a week while sharing a room, rides, and meals with strangers, I never felt isolated. I just knew that I belong.

What’s up with USAP? It’s everything you know and not know. Try it for yourself.


Scholarship still OPEN!

August 1, 2018

Tahilan is still open for scholars. For more information, please look for any Management Staff at 525-7574.