UNIV is a venue for investigation and research among students from various universities across the globe. It aims to foster scientific rigor and philosophical depth, highlighting the humanistic dimension that is inherent to all social transformation and demonstrating that the integration of contributions from various disciplines enhances man’s ability to work towards viable solutions to contemporary problems.

The UNIV is organized by the Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria (ICU), an Italian NGO. In order to reach female students in the Philippines, ICU has chosen as its local partners the University and Study Centers operated by KALFI.

UNIV Seminar Asia-Pacific (USAP) is an international gathering of university students in the Asia-Pacific region. It is parallel to the UNIV Rome Easter Seminar.



Cultural committee conducts innovative programs to expose its attendees to new learnings and discoveries. The committee aims to engage its participants in creative ways to expand their worldview and formulate own insights.




This is a course that aims to help University students to maximize their academic potential and learn to approach difficulties of student life in a positive and professional manner, as well as to prepare them for the professional world.




Mentoring is a one-on-one coaching with a staff of the residence. This aims for human development of the girls. It is like the relationship between the sports trainer and the athlete. The mentee gains from the experience and knowledge of the mentor who uses such knowledge to hone the student towards developing her talents and possibilities to the full.




Sharing is a way of life in Tahilan. We believe that it is the key to a better version of oneself. That is why Tahilan organizes  the following outreach activities:

  1. Eskwela@ibp – a weekly catechism session given to kids in an area near Tahilan. Volunteers help children academically by giving them tutorial classes in English. Volunteers also provide activities that will nurture the values of friendship, discipline, creativity and love of God.
  2. Visits – is an effort to accompany the poor and the sick.  Tahilan usually goes to nearby hospitals, home for the aged and family of the kids in Eskwela to share time and stories with them.
  3. Caduceus – Caduceus is an accredited organization by the University of the Philippines, Manila for students and young professionals intending to or already working in the medical or paramedical field. It aims to uphold honor and excellence, wisdom and service. It seeks to protect and defend the sanctity of human life from conception until natural death, and to promote and safeguard the dignity of man, marriage and the family.
  4. Rural and Urban Service Project – For one week,  volunteers teach values education and give academic tutorials to children in a poor community. We also give  classes on hygiene, good manners, arts and crafts, as needed, we have also provided medical/dental services, conduct  feeding programs and rebuilt homes.




Tahilan also offers exposure in spiritual enriched activities which the girls have the option to attend. Some of these activities are the following:

  • Confession
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Meditation
  • Benediction
  • Doctrine Class
  • Virtues Class

Activities are open to residents and female university and high school students.